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Welcome to Havana Class.

Hello. Hello!

I hope everyone is managing to stay safe and well at home. Last week was a strange one with not being at school but hopefully you have all still been able to engage in learning, whether it be with the home learning grids and on line resources that we sent home, or practical activities around the house. New learning grids are available on the school website, along with a great list of online resources, and new education city activities are also live in your accounts. Here in the Walden house, we have been starting our learning each day with the Joe Wicks workout at 9am before engaging with some reading, writing, phonics and Maths activities for the rest of the morning. In the afternoon we have been engaging with more practical activities like frisbee in the garden, rubbing down and restaining the garden benches, painting pictures, planting seeds, learning to tie knots with Ed Stafford on line, playing boardgames and Lego building. Remember mental well being is so important, especially with having to stay home as much as possible at present. Please do stay active. There are so many things to engage with that don’t involve reading and writing, so please please take the opportunity to engage with things you enjoy doing and also to try something new. Whether that be learning sign language or a musical instrument, keeping fit and active with sport and dance, or just enjoying the outdoors when the weather is fantastic.

Another week is about to begin and it is full of opportunities.

So make the most of it and enjoy!

Mr Walden

A note from Mr Smettem.

Hi Mr Walden's Class.

It feels very strange not being at school and seeing you all, however my two dogs love having me at home. I miss you and hopefully I will see you again soon. I really hope you are all doing well and trying your best at home with your parents. I wish you all a very Happy Easter!

Take care of yourselves!


Mr Smettem 

Just a few of your wonderful pictures. Keep up the great work.

More pictures of the amazing things you're getting up to at home.

Keep them coming because we love seeing what you are up to.