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Lower Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Each class has an indoor and outdoor PE session every week, and as plans sometimes have to be changed at short notice, it would be really helpful if every child had an indoor (house T-shirt and shorts) and outdoor (tracksuit or equivalent and trainers) PE kit in school all week. Swimming, as you are aware, is on Friday afternoon in Term 1. In Term 2 we will be doing cross country instead and again the children will need suitable clothes and footwear.


Spelling sessions are going to be different this year. We are going to give the children three short spelling sessions in school after which they will be asked to learn a “family” of words. We will not have formal spelling tests, or sentences to write for homework but the children will test each other in the next lesson and rewards will be awarded. Any help you can give your child with this will, of course, be beneficial.


“Big Write” will be new to some parents and children and we would like to invite you to our introduction to “Big Write” on Tuesday 22nd September (separate letter has been sent out). After this evening we will start “Big Write” sessions in school.


Homework will be given on the following days:


Wednesday Spelling words

                    Big Write talk homework


Friday Numeracy


In addition, if you could encourage your child(ren) to read for pleasure or to gain information and discuss the text they have read, it would support their reading and comprehension in school.